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101 Ways to Make Love to Yourself
Shevy Cardoza
eBook Edition: 2011

Some of the ways here will give you great ideas on how to start loving yourself now. As you go through the ways you will find that some of them are quite simple and easy to incorporate in your life. Some of the other ways may take a little work and commitment. But don’t let that scare you because once you develop the habit of making love to yourself in a variety of ways the results will amaze you, fill you with joy, fill you with love and make you a positive, pleasant, vibrant human to be around. (From Author)

In this book you will find tips like: Opt for gourmet sweets and desserts- Choose freshly made juices over bottled sodas and drinks - Snack on seeds, nuts or low sugar fruits - Eat lots of vegetables - Include more vegetarian / vegan meals in your overall meal plan - Accept your current weight - Do find the right health plan for your body - Learn to love your body - Whatever the size of your body adorn it nicely - Open and commit to finding people who will be madly in love with you regardless of what your body looks like and who YOU are madly in love with regardless of what their body looks like…

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