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300 Chicken Recipes
eBook Edition: 2010
This book contains different recipes with chicken, such as: Oriental Chicken Tenders Curried Peanut Chicken - Oriental Chicken Wings - Apricot Chicken Wings - Chicken Wings - Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Wings - Chicken Bits - Spicy Chicken Wings - Chicken Fry Iced Tea - Crispy Oriental Chicken Wings (Microwave) - Teriyaki Chicken Wings - Hot Chicken Wings - Hidden Valley Chicken Drummies - Hidden Valley Chicken Drummies - Marinated Chicken Wings - Golden Chicken Nuggets - Marinated Chicken Wings - Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings - Chicken Wings In Soy Sauce - Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings - Crispy Cashew Chicken (Made In Wok) - Curried Chicken Balls - Light Chicken Salad - Hot Chicken Salad - Chicken And Almond Salad

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only from America Free Books)

Free PDF eBook - 403 Kb - 184 Pages
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written by ali, May 16, 2015
nice recipe keep it up.
written by basit, June 07, 2015
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