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URL :  3D Printing: A Threat To Global Trade
Author : ING Group
Detail : 2017 | PDF | 416 Kb | 22 pages

eBook License: Public Access from THINK - ING Economic and Financial Analysis

When the internet was invented, few people imagined its huge impact on how we live and work today. It has changed the way we do business. 3D printing could see history repeat itself. On a small scale, it has already changed the way production processes in some sectors are organized and has the potential for much wider application. In this study we look at the effect that 3D printing potentially has on trade flows. 3D printing requires fewer or even no intermediate products, which are now often imported from other countries.
Identifying the trade flows of goods that are potentially most affected by 3D printing is important for current exporters of those goods and their local competitors. It is also of interest to businesses linked to trade, such as transportation and trade finance. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Introduction: What Is 3D Printing And Who Does It? - The Potential Of 3d Printing - What Pushes 3D Printing And What Holds It Back? - Which Companies Are Best Suited To Benefit From 3D Printing? - Does 3d Printing Signal The End Of Cross-Border Trade? - Consequences For Us Trade Balances - Concluding Remarks
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