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48 Fantastic Ways to Burn Calories
eBook Edition: 2010

This book contains 48 Fantastic Ways to Burn Calories.

eBook Contents

Introduction – Great Substitutes for butter or margarine – How to reduce the fat in cheese – What you can do with water to suppress appetite – Smoking and drinking make you fatter – The truth about reduce fat claims – How to eat fast food and still lose weight – How to order when eating out – How to spice out and burn calories – Why a veggie sandwich may not be the best choice – The truth about negative calorie foods – Using thermogenic foods to burn more calories – Foods that fight abdominal fat – Eating to heal tour metabolism – The facts about fasting – The dangers of trans fats – Enjoy snack under a 100 calories a piece – Savor desserts under 200 calories each - Fill up on low glycemic fruits – How “diet foods” make you fat – Dieting during the holidays – How to control yourself on a buffet – Low carb vs low fat: which is bets – Why min meals rev your metabolism – The fat burning powers of protein – The best diet plan in the world – Drinking ice water to burn calories – Exercises that burn the most calorie per hour – How to walk/run your way weight loss - Start your day with yoga – Using muscle confusion to burn maximum calories – The best exercises for arms – The best exercises for legs – Sculpt you ABS to burn more calories – Exercising with kinds underfoot – Burn more calories while you run errands – Calculate your BMR – Find your target heart rate – Burn calories while you work – Burn calories in your garden – Fun aerobic exercises that won’t bore you - Fat – Burning green tea – Ginger – The best vitamins for fat burning – Carb & Cortisol blockers – What about ephedra? – Bonus tip

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