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A Century of War
John V. Denson
Last eBook Edition: 2011

John Denson, in a book that covers the history of America's large wars from 1860 through the Cold War, describes the twentieth century as the bloodiest in all history not coincidentally a century of statism. Denson recounts how the wars that destroyed American liberty came about through a series of deceitful political ploys. He provides a close examination of the rise of executive dictatorship, and demonstrates how far from the founders' vision of government we have come. It explains how world peace can only come through the practice of free trade and free markets, and why large government can only create conflict both domestic and international.

eBook Contents

Preface – A century of war – Abraham Lincoln the first shot – The calamity of World War I – Franklin D. Roosevelt and the first shot – Lincoln and Roosevelt: American Caesars – Another century of war? – The will to peace – Appendix – Recommended readings – Bibliography – Index

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