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URL :  A "How-To" Guide: Finding and Analyzing Corporate Financial Statements
Author : Jim Stanford
Detail : 2008 | PDF | 123 Kb | 15 pages

Corporate financial statements are an invaluable source of information for trade unionists, community researchers, and anyone else conducting independent research on private corporations. Official financial statements provide a useful and generally accurate overview of a company’s business dealings (indeed, government securities regulators in most countries have tightened the standards for these official statements considerably in recent years, as a result of recent corporate accounting scandals), and can provide progressive critics of that corporation with many useful arguments.

And with the advent of on-line financial reporting, it is now easier than ever to obtain company financial statements – at any time of the day (or, for many hard-working activists, any time of the night). This guide will provide a short introduction to corporate financial analysis for progressive researchers and activists. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Definitions - How to Obtain Corporate Financial Reports - Understanding the Income Statement - A Special Note on Income Taxes - Understanding the Balance Sheet - Cash Flow Statement - Executive Compensation - Other Corporate Data - Performance Measures
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