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URL :  A Look at Gaming Culture and Gaming Related Problems
Author : Daniel Fu
Detail : eBook Edition: 2019

Video games can heavily influence one’s emotion; I often felt a disproportionate amount of anger and frustration when I played (compared to my other activities). Video game addiction and toxicity also impacted the lives of my friends. For me and most of my friends, our addiction stemmed initially from our competitive nature. We loved to win and hated to lose. It also was an escape from the stress and pressure we felt from school and other extracurricular activities. Eventually, we played multiple hours almost every day. Gaming became a lifestyle so engrained, that our daily and school lives were greatly impacted. I often fell asleep in class because I had played video games until 3 or 4 a.m. And, I didn’t do my homework because I was spending all my time gaming. One of my friend’s addiction to gaming led him to a downward spiral where he skipped classes and ultimately had to drop out of school.

Since multiplayer online gaming is a relatively new trend, many teachers in schools may not fully grasp the problems associated with video gaming and the gaming community/industry. While games often get a bad reputation for problems they don’t necessarily cause, many underlying problems are overlooked. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Personal Experience - A Brief Look at Gaming History, Terminology, and Demographics - Gaming Disorder - Gaming Toxicity, Online Disinhibition, and Cyberbullying - Misogyny in the Online Gaming Community - About Helping Those Affected - A Final Personal Comment

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Copyrighted from The Ucla University

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