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A Modern Utopia
H.G. Wells
Published in 1905

H. G. Wells's proposal for social reform was the formation of a world state, a concept that increasingly occupied him throughout the remainder of his life. One of his earliest and most ambitious attempts at portraying a world state was A Modern Utopia (1905) (McLean).

Like most utopians, he indicated a series of modifications which in his opinion would increase the aggregate of human happiness. Basically, Wells' idea of a perfect world would be if everyone were able to live a happy life.

This book is written with an intimate knowledge of former ideal commonwealths and is a conscious attempt to describe a utopia that is not utopian.

June Deery refers to A Modern Utopia as a work in progress for two obvious reasons:
-It is about social and technological advance, and
-Wells stresses that he is describing a dynamic utopia. This means that this modern society requires and allows further improvement.
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