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URL :  A Sanskrit Reader
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Author : Charles Rockwell Lanman
Detail : 1884 | PDF | 12.1 Mb | 337 pages

Also available in ePub and Kindle formats

eBook License: Public Domain

The results of comparative philology are now so generally incorporated into our modern classical grammars, lexicons, and textbooks, that even a slight knowledge of Sanskrit, if it be accurate so far as it goes, is of great services to the classical teacher in making his instruction interesting and effective. As independent disciplines, moreover, Sanskrit and comparative philology, and the literature and religions of India, are constantly gaining in importance, so that, for example, Sanskrit is now taught at all one of the twenty universities of the German Empire.

The design of this work, then, is twofold. In the first place, it is to serve as an introduction to these subjects for the students of our colleges and universities. What the beginner needs is an elementary work comprehending both the text and vocabulary in a single volume. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introductory Suggestions – From the Mah?-bh?tata – From the Hitopadeça – From the Kath?-sarit-s?gara – From the M?nava-dharmaç?stra – From the Rigveda – From the Maitr?yaní – Other Br?hmana-pieces – From the Grihra-s?tras – Vocabulary – Explanations and Abbreviations
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