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A Short History of American Capitalism
Meyer Weinberg
eBook Edition: 2003

In this book, capitalism is regarded as an economic system distinguished by certain characteristics whose development is conditioned by still other elements. The basic characteristics are: (1) private ownership of the means of production, (2) a social class structure of private owners and free wage-earners, which is organized to facilitate expanding accumulation of profit by private owners; and (3) The production of commodities for sale. Conditioning elements are: (a) a certain division of labor; (b) institutional arrangements to insure a dependable supply of wage labor; (c) a degree of social productivity sufficient to permit sustained investment; (d) commercial organization of the market—including banks—whose scope is adequate to the productivity of the community; (e) a political process whereby economic power can become translated into governmental policy; (f) a legal structure that is protective of private property; and (g) a certain toleration—at the least—of new ways of making a living. (From author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Indian America – Colonial Economy- Two Working Classes, 1790-1865 - Rise Of the Capitalist Class, 1790-1865 - Standards Of Living Under Capitalism,1790-1865 - Capitalism Dominant, 1865-1920 - Class Warfare From Above, 1865-1920 - The Testing Of American Capitalism, 1920-1945 - The Fading Triumphs Of American Capitalism 1945- 2000 – Human Costs Of American Capitalism, 1945-2000 – Conclusion

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