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Ada Programming

Wikibooks contributors

eBook last publication: 2013

Ada is a structured language with a Pascal like syntax which may make Ada a suitable teaching language. The Wikibook for Ada is the only Wikibook which has an entry for all Key concepts. Apart from academic use, Ada is professionally used in Air Traffic Control, Aviation (Commercial and Defense), Rail Transportation, Communications (Satellites and Receivers) and Swiss banks - most of which are constantly on the lookout for good Ada programmers.
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eBook Contents

Basic Ada, installing, building, control statements, type system, integer types, unsigned integer types, enumerations, floating point types, fixed point types, arrays, records, access types, limited types, strings, subprograms, packages, input output, exceptions, generics, tasking, object orientation, New in Ada 2005, containers, interfacing, coding standards, tips, common errors, algorithms, function overloading, mathematical calculations, statements, variables, lexical elements, keywords, delimiters, operators, attributes, pragmas, libraries, libraries: standard, libraries: Ada, libraries: interfaces, libraries: system, libraries: GNAT, libraries: multi-purpose, libraries: container, libraries: GUI, libraries: distributed systems, libraries: databases, libraries: web, libraries: input output, platform support, platform: Linux, platform: Windows, platform: virtual machines, portals, tutorials, web 2.0

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