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URL :  Adolescent Development in Context
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Author : Dave Hansen - Brandon L. Bretl - Bahaur Amini
Detail : 2019 | PDF | 3.9 Mb | 176 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Increasingly, there is a tendency to characterize the teenage years as a time of general moral degeneration and deviance. This is unfortunate because the teenage years represent a key developmental period of the typical human lifespan, and from an evolutionary point of view, the actual characteristics that define adolescence represent critical learning opportunities.

The increased sensitivity to social influences, identity formation, and social-emotional skills are just a few of such opportunities that require appropriate environments and contexts for optimal, healthy outcomes. Research in the field of adolescent development has not been immune to the negative stereotypes surrounding adolescence, and it is common to see researchers, either implicitly or explicitly, refer to adolescence as a high-risk, anomalous developmental stage that must be controlled, managed, or simply endured until adult-level abilities emerge spontaneously as a result of having survived an intrinsically tumultuous developmental time.

Understanding the biological foundations of adolescence is meaningless if one does not also consider how biology and environment interact. In humans, these interactions are highly complex and involve not only immediate physical realities, but also social, cultural, and historical realities that create complex contexts and webs of interactions. Therefore, this textbook seeks to reconcile the biological and neurological foundations of human development with the psychological and sociological mechanisms that formed and continue to influence human developmental trajectories. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Social Construction & History of Adolescence – Foundations of Ethnicity, Race, & Social Class – Puberty - Brain Development - Motivation, Emotion, & Reward - Adolescent Employment – Peers - Out-of-School and Leisure Contexts – School – Family - Cognition, Thinking, &Judgement & Decision-Making - Identity, Meaning, & Purpose - Moral Development – Sexuality
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