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URL :  Agricultural chemicals
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Author : Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center (FAMIC)
Detail : 2012 | PDF | 7.9 Mb | 560 pages

eBook License: Public Access from http://www.famic.go.jp/english/index.html

Agricultural chemicals are used for insecticide or for herbicide; almost of which have toxicity to human and live stocks. Therefore, if agricultural crops containing residual agricultural chemicals having be used for insecticide or for herbicide are provided to live stocks, they may cause health damage to animals and decreased productivity. Furthermore, if agricultural chemicals stay in animal products, it may cause adverse effects on the person who takes the product.

Along with enforcement of Positive List System (the system essentially prohibiting against distribution of food products containing a certain amount (0.01ppm) or more of agricultural chemicals of which standard has not been defined) in Food Sanitation Law, in May 2006, regal regulations have been adopted to residual agricultural chemicals in feeds and hay, etc. having been regulated by the "Administrative Guidelines for Hazardous Substances in Feeds"(63 Chiku B No.2050, Notice of Live stock Industry Bureau, MAFF, October 14, 1988) to avoid residual agricultural chemicals in animal products via feeds, based on the maximum residue limits defined in Ordinance of the Standards of Feeds and Feed Additives(MAFF ordinance No.35, 1976).

Presently, the standard values have been set to 60 ingredients. Furthermore, "Administrative Guidelines for Hazardous Substances in Feeds" was partially amended on August 1, 2009, to promote the utilization of rice straws and rice silage to increase the self-sufficient rate of feeds, and standard guide values were set to 31 agricultural chemicals (60 agricultural chemicals as of April 9, 2012). (From Author)
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