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America 2.0 Inc. - Take Stock In America!
Michael Mathiesen
eBook Edition: 2012

The book, completely original argues that the US Constitution must be amended one more time to incorporate the Country so that our elected officials are held accountable. Normal business rules and ethics would be applied. They would have a fiduciary responsibility to us, the American People to do the right things that end up making a profit each year, instead of throwing our hard earned money down a rat hole as they do now. Your first impression is that this sounds crazy, but incorporation of the United States Government is the only way out of our 100 Trillion dollar national debt. (Not 16 Trillion as they would have us believe.) No one could ever pay this debt. But, rather than go bankrupt and ruin the "Full faith and credit" and the integrity of the greatest country ever created, we CAN simply incorporate the entire Government. This would convert all of this ridiculous debt that can never be paid off into EQUITY. And our debtors, mainly China and Japan would simply have to WAIT to get their money back from the growth of our economy. (From author)

eBook Contents

Preface - Chapter One: The Evolution of Government - Chapter Two: The Evolution of the Corporation - Chapter Three: The Bylaws of the Corporation - Chapter Four: The Balance Sheet of The United States, Inc. - Chapter Five – Just me Venting - Chapter Six: National Ballot Measures: A Key Element - Chapter Seven: Using Grass Roots Capitalism to reach our goals - Chapter Eight: Can Government really make a profit? - Chapter Nine: Corporatism – the ultimate IPO - Chapter Ten: Git ‘Er Done - About The Author

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