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Android Programming Tutorials
Mark.L Murphy
Published: 2009-2011

eBook Contents

Preface - Your first Android project - A simple form - A fancier form - Adding a list - Making our list be fancy - Splitting the tab - Menus and messages - Sitting in the background - life and times - A few good resources - The restaurant store - Getting more active - What's your preference? - Turn, turn, turn - Raising (something like) a tweet - Opening a JAR - Listening to your friends - No, really listening to your friends - Your friends seem remote - A subtle notification - Posts on location - Here a post, there a post - Media - Browsing some posts - High-priced help - Now your friends seem animated - Messages from the great beyond - Contacting our friends - Android would like your attention - Now, your friends are alarmed - Searching for food - Look inside yourself - A restaurant in your own home - More home cooking - Take a monkey to lunch - Asking permission to place a call - Photographic memory - Sensing a disturbance - Getting the word out - Seeking the proper level - Appendix A: how to get started - Appendix B: coping with Eclipse

eBook License: Creative Commons

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