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URL :  Argentina PKF Tax Guide 2012
Author : PKF
Detail : Published: 2012

Argentina_PKF_Tax_Guide_2012The Argentina PKF Tax Guide provides details about taxation within Argentina.

This tax guide includes information about:

- Federal Taxes and Levies, capital gains tax in Argentina
- Local taxes including: turover tax, stamp tax, land and car taxes in Argentina
- Tax levied on individuals residing in Argentina

eBook Contents

Taxes payable in Argentina (Federal taxes and levies, Company tax, Capital gains tax, Branch profits tax, Sales tax/value added tax, Fringe benefits tax, Local taxes, Other taxes) - Determination of taxable income in Argentina (Capital allowances, Depreciation, Stock/inventory, Capital gains and losses, Dividends, Interest deductions, Losses, Foreign sourced income, Incentives) - Foreign tax relief - Corporate groups - Related party transactions - Withholding tax - Exchange control - Personal Tax - Treaty and non-treaty withholding tax rates

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only)

Free PDF eBook - 2.24 Mb - 17 pages

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