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URL :  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Author : Javier Andreu Perez - Fani Deligianni - Daniele Ravi - Guang-Zhong Yang
Detail : eBook Edition: 2018

In 2016, Artificial Intelligence (AI) celebrated its 60th anniversary of the Dartmouth Workshop, which marked the beginning of AI being recognised as an academic discipline. One year on, the pace of AI has captured the wildest imagination of both the scientific community and the general public.

This white paper explains the origin of AI, its evolution in the last 60 years, as well as related subfields including machine learning, computer vision and the rise of deep learning. It provides a rational view of the different seasons of AI and how to learn from these ‘boom-and-bust’ cycles to ensure the current progresses are sustainable and here to stay. Along with the unprecedented enthusiasm of AI, there are also fears about the impact of the technology on our society. A clear strategy is required to consider the associated ethical and legal challenges to ensure that society as a whole will benefit from the evolution of AI and its potential negative impact is mitigated from early on. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - The birth and boom of AI - Questioning the impact of AI - Financial impact of AI - Subfields and technologies that underpinnings AI - The rise of Deep Learning: rethinking the machine learning pipeline - Hardware for AI - Robotics and AI - Programming languages for AI - Impact of Machine Vision - Artificial Intelligence and the Big Brain - Ethical and legal questions of AI - Limitations and opportunities of AI - Conclusion and recommendations

eBook License: Copyrighted from UKRAS. Org

Free PDF eBook – 5.2 Mb – 56 Pages

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