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URL :  Astro-Historical Promenade
Author : Vladimir Petrov Kostov
Detail : eBook Edition: 2013

The vibrations of one's name are part of his/her personality and are very important in the case of a political figure. The same applies to names of towns and states. Repeated planetary influences (including the 60 years period of the Chinese horoscope and the 18.5 years revolution period of the Lunar Nodes whose definition is recalled) stimulate periodical repetition of historical events. In the books many examples of such repetitions are given. The resemblances between names of generals having participated in the World Wars and the ones between names of enclaves and cities that have been granted a special status are analyzed. In terms of astrology we consider the aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares), the favourable period of 30 days that follows one's anniversary and the unfavourable one of 50 days that precedes it and their roles for the success or failure in the context of history. The examples are taken mainly from modern history. The book is addressed to people interested in history and/or astrology. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preface – Correlation and resemblance of names - Astrological aspects - The Lunar Nodes - The Chinese horoscope

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