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URL :  Australia: The healthiest country by 2020
Author : Multiple Authors
Detail : eBook Edition: 2009

The National Preventative Health Taskforce was established in April 2008 and given the challenge to develop the National Preventative Health Strategy, focusing initially on obesity, tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol. The Strategy is directed at primary prevention, and addresses all relevant arms of policy and all available points of leverage, in both the health and non-health sectors.

The Strategy is the outcome of a great deal of thinking, debate, evidence gathering and consultation across a wide range of Australians, from individuals and local communities to major organisations, corporations, NGOs and governments. This has been accompanied by international experience and evidence, as there are many countries from which we can learn a great deal(From Author)

eBook Contents

Building preventative health in Australian communities - Obesity in Australia: A need for urgent action - Tobacco: Towards world’s best practice in tobacco control - Alcohol: Reshaping the drinking culture in Australia

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