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URL :  Broken Promises
Author : Multiple Authors
Detail : Last eBook Edition: 2013
This publication is the result of a joint effort -carried out by the Forest Peoples Programme, Rainforest Foundation UK, Environmental Defense, Global Witness, SinksWatch, CDM Watch, Samata, Down to Earth and World Rainforest Movement- to highlight the role that the World Bank Group plays in forest destruction and the violation of forest peoples’ rights.(From Author)

eBook Contents

The World Bank and Forests: a tissue of lies and deception - The Great ‘Community Forest Management’ Swindle: critical evaluation of an ongoing World Bank-financed project in Andhra Pradesh - Democratic Republic of Congo–after the war, the fight for the forest - Box: Forestry Projects: Certification - World Bank Shenanigans in Cambodia - Investing in Disaster: the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Palm Oil plantations in Indonesia - Box: A fig leaf of false transparency: the “External Advisory Group” - The International Finance Corporation: luring increased private sector investment into forestry and other sectors at any price? - World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) investment in the company Aracruz Celulosa S.A. - Roads of Deforestation in Brazil: How soya and cattle are destroying the Amazon with the help of the IFC - The Natural Habitats Policy: institutionalised derogation - Forests and Structural Adjustment: The World Bank’s steamrolling of stakeholders and its own Board - Box: The Invisible Sourcebook: a ‘critical’ omission - The World Bank’s role in the creation of the carbon market: helping the rich become richer, and the poor grow poorer as fossil fuel subsidies keep flowing - The GEF and Indigenous Peoples: some findings from a recent critical study

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only from World Rainforest Movement)

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