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URL :  Building An Effective Strategic E-Commerce Development Plan For A Startup Company
Author : Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Detail : 2016 | PDF | 2.5 Mb | 81 pages

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The purpose of this study was to find a suitable and affordable way to develop effective strategic e-commerce plan for a Finnish startup company that intends to enter the Nigerian market. The author intends to find out if the Nigerian business environment is well developed and well prepared to implement e-commerce process.

In order to understand the background of the study, different business and e-commerce theoretical framework was examined. The author applied both quantitative/qualitative method in the study to be able to capture the point of views, behavior and attitude, held by the potential target group on this subject. The study focused on a targeted group of university students and working class between the age of 18-50 years who own or have access to a smart phone or internet broadband network and 500 questionnaires were sent out to this people and 150 responses were received.

Based on the information gathered, the result indicated that there is a huge opportunity of setting up an e-commerce business in Nigeria.  It was discovered that Nigerian business environment is becoming more technologically advanced and a huge number of Nigerians have keen interest to buy product or do business online. The study found out also that there are affordable and effective way of developing strategic plans for this company. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Background Studies – Literature Review – Electronic Commerce: Definitions and Concepts – E-commerce Start-up Business Plan – Research Methodology – Discussion and Recommendation – Conclusion
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