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Central Asia's Economy
Malcolm Dowling - Ganeshan Wignaraja
eBook Edition: 2006

Central Asia’s Economy: Mapping Future Prospects considers the region’s economic prospects to 2015. It charts recent economic performance, highlighting the economic revival. It also synthesizes recent forecasts and constructs scenarios for future economic variables against a constant global background. Projections include, among others, gross domestic product (GDP), manufactured exports per head, GDP per capita and poverty. A special theme chapter develops a  manufacturing competitiveness index to compare the CARs with other transition economies and explores the impact of economic reform and supplyside factors (e.g. foreign investment and human capital) on industrial performance. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preface - Executive Summary- Introduction - Current Status of Economic  Developments in the CARS - Mapping the Future: 2015 - Theme Chapter – Benchmarking Industrial Competitiveness - Conclusions – Bibliography - A Snapshot of the Region -  Macroeconomic Policies and Trends - Forecasting Method and World Outlook - Country and Regional Rankings, TEMECI 2003 - Mongolia: Economic Assessment - Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Of The People's Republic Of China: Economic Assessment  - Transition Indicators, 2005 -  Author Biographies

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