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China and Greater Central Asia: New Frontiers?
Niklas Swanström
eBook Edition: 2011

Greater Central Asia (GCA), defined here as the five Central Asian republics, Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, used to form a coherent and inter-connected sub-region for millennia until the impenetrable Soviet border sliced through the continent in the early 20th century. The old GCA was characterized by impressive levels of trade and cultural exchanges, but also military and political competition that had effects far beyond the region itself. Today, something similar to the old GCA region is reforming after a brief interlude with the Soviet Union (Russia), China (Mongolia) and Great Britain as lords and occupiers. This development has been accelerated with the Russian retreat (and partial return) from Central Asia (and Afghanistan and Mongolia), combined with a rising China that has begun to challenge Russian preeminence on several accounts, but also with an increased interest from India, the EU, the United States and other actors in the region and beyond. This has begun to redefine the strategic landscape in GCA, with profound implications for strategic thinking within and outside the region. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Introduction - Historical Background - Politico-Strategic Dimensions - Trade and Investments - Illegal Transactions and Organized Crime - The European Link - Multilateralism and Trans-Regionalism - Concluding Discussion

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