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China as a neighbor
Marlène Laruelle - Sébastien Peyrouse
eBook Edition: 2009

The objective of this Silk Road Monograph is to go beyond this first level of analysis by giving a voice to those most concerned by these issues, namely the Central Asians, paying special attention to their views of the “Chinese question”. Studying domestic Central Asian views about China will enable us to deepen  geopolitical reflection, insofar as the rise of either Sinophilia or Sinophobia in Central Asia will most probably have a significant political, geo-strategic, and cultural impact on the situation in the region, and work either to speed up or to slow down Chinese expansion in it.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Introduction - Russo-Chinese Cooperation/Competition in Central Asia - Political Debate and Expertise on China in Central Asia - Sinophilia/Sinophobia: A Double Narrative – Conclusions - Bibliography - About the Authors

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