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China's New Approach to Conflict Management
Quansheng Zhao
eBook Edition: 2006

In analyzing China’s new approach to conflict prevention and management, this paper examines Chinese foreign policy toward two flashpoints in East Asia – the Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait. It argues that there has been an evolution in terms of Beijing’s approaches toward these two international crises over time. One can discern three different approaches. First, historical legacies have always played a critical role in the formulation of China’s policy calculations and the Korea and Taiwan issues are no exception. I call this the “history-embedded” perspective. Second, with the recent rise of China’s economic and political might, nationalism in China has correspondingly been on the rise. National interests have been further prioritized over ideological considerations. This approach can be called “national interest-driven” foreign policy. Third, Beijing has become increasingly confident not only about its strengths in the world arena but also in its ability to coordinate with related powers regarding their various interests. This approach can be called “co-management of international crises” with major powers. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Abstract - Introduction - History-Embedded Approach - Evolution of China’s Korea Policy in the 1990s - China’s Efforts toward Co-Management of the Korean Nuclear Crisis - Nationalism and Beijing’s Taiwan Policy - The Beijing-Washington Co-Management over the Taiwan Issue - Co-Management of International Crisis and a New Security Framework - About the Author

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