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URL :  Classification and Clustering in Business Cycle Analysis
Author : Various Authors
Detail : 2007 | PDF | 846 Kb | 169 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons License http://creativecommons.org

The analysis of cyclical macroeconomic phenomena is an important field of econometric research. In the recent past, research interests have deemphasized quantitative forecasting exercises and have addressed the qualitative diagnosis of the relative stance of the economy regarding “upswing”, “recession”, or “boom” periods, i. e. the classification of the state of the economy into a limited number of discrete states. In this context the principal challenge is to reduce the multifaceted and sometimes abundant quantitative information about the business cycle to such qualitative statements in an efficient way.

The necessity for complexity reduction is, of course, not unique to business cycle analysis but is studied in many fields and in a number of ways. This broad interest in the reduction of problem dimensionality and in the appropriate combination of data and of theory caused the RWI Essen and the Statistical Department of the University of Dortmund in January 2002 to hold a work-shop at the RWI Essen where the findings of this and similar projects were presented and discussed. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Phases and Stages of Recent U.S. Business Cycles - The U.S. Business Cycle and its Phases 1948–2000 - Stability of Multivariate Representation of Business Cycles over Time - An Inductive Logic Programming Approach to the Classification of Phases - Univariate Characterization of the German Business Cycle 1955–1994 - Combining Dimension Reduction and Fuzzy-clustering: An Application to Business Cycles - Self-organizing Maps for Time Series Analysis - Modern Trends and Their Effects on International Business Cycles
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