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URL :  Climate Change
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David G. Victor

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Date of publication: 2004

Climate change is one of the most complex issues facing policymakers today. Controlling the emissions that cause global warming will require societies to incur costs now while uncertain benefits accrue in the distant future. These conditions make it hard to created successful policy, yet they longer we wait the more greenhouse gasses accumulate in the atmosphere. Even as a consensus grows that something must be done, there is no agreement on the best course of action. This book takes a fresh look at the issue. It offers three contrasting perspectives, each cast as a presidential speech. One emphasizes the ability of modern, wealthy societies to adapt to the changing climate. A second speech urges reengagement with the Kyoto Protocol while demanding reforms that would make Kyoto more effective. A third speech urges unilateral action that would create a market for low-carbon emission technologies from the bottom up, in contrast with the top-down international treaties such as Kyoto. A memorandum to the president explains the multidimensional nature of this critical issue and an extensive appendix includes scientific reports, government speeches, legislative proposals, and further readings. (From Author)

Council on Foreign Relations Edition

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eBook to read online - 166 pages

Main topics: greenhouse gases, Kyoto Protocol, emission trading, global warming, developing countries, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, carbon intensity, emission credits, Clean Development Mechanism, climate sensitivity

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