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URL :  Cotton and Climate Change.
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Detail : 2011 | PDF | 2.77 MB | 46 pages

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Cotton production is both a contributor to and a ‘victim’ of climate change. Agricultural production, processing, trade and consumption contribute up to 30% of the world’s emissions when forest clearance is included in the calculation. Cotton production contributes to between 0.3% and 1% of total global GHG emissions. This report summarizes the impact of cotton production and consumption on climate change and the options and incentives for reducing emissions. It also examines the impact of climate change on cotton production and the options for adaptation. It is not a formal scientific review of these impacts but is rather intended to highlight the main issues and to stimulate discussion on the interface between cotton, climate change and trade.

eBook Contents

Introduction – The impact of cotton production on climate change - Mitigation of cotton value chain emissions - Impact of climate change on cotton production - Impacts of climate change on cotton production by country - Options to adapt to climate change

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