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URL :  Culture and Disease in Introductory Biology Textbooks
Author : Rachel Pennellatore
Detail : 2008 | PDF | 339 Kb | 77 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.wpi.edu

This project analyzes twenty-one introductory college biology textbooks to assess their presentation of disease as a cultural phenomenon, as well as research in the social sciences, history, enthnohistory, and anthropology to uncover cultural contributors to disease in a population. It uses the example of the depopulation of Native Americans in New England to demonstrate the cultural factors of disease.

This project demonstrates a growing rhetorical need in the introductory college biology textbook to study disease as a cultural phenomenon rather than an independent, solely scientific mechanism. The importance of the recognition of the impact on how cultural factors are beginning to be understood in relation to disease is seen in a 1995 analysis of U.S. society by social researcher John McKnight. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Background – Methodology – Outcomes of Research – Findings and Conclusions – Recommendations
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