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URL :  Customer Engagement Behavior in the context of Continuous Service Relationships
Author : Helle Haurum
Detail : 2018 | PDF | 3.9 Mb | 240 pages

This thesis discusses customers’ engagement behaviors (CEB) in the context of continuous service relationships (telecommunication provider and financial services’ provider). CEB manifestations are agreed in literature and in business to be a potential source of value for the firm and valuable contributions have been made, mainly focusing at antecedents for CEB, the various CEB behaviors and consequences of CEB. Extant literature adopts mainly a firm-centric perspective and tends to be conceptual.

This research adopts a customer-centric perspective. The methodology is qualitative and is performed via semi-structured in-depth interviews with individuals resulting in 40 touch-point histories about their service relationships with their telecommunication provider and financial services provider. Furthermore, are qualitative data collected at the telecommunication firm, in terms of interviews with employees and participant observations at touchpoints. CEB are definitely found to be potential sources for value-creation for the firm. CEB can however at times destroy value or cause lost CEB value (when CEB initiatives by the firm are not returned). (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Research Background – Scientific Approach and Methodology - The Three Papers - Meta Discussion – Contributions - Conclusion and Final Remarks
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