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Developing Counter-Narcotics Policy in Central Asia
Kairat Osmonaliev
eBook Edition: 2005

The study specifically addresses the need for strengthening regional cooperation in counter-narcotics. It makes a powerful argument for the need to coordinate approaches to counter-narcotics across the region, and developing regional and international cooperation in counter-narcotics in this strategic region of the world. While the study points to many problems and challenges, it nevertheless emphatically argues that the battle is not lost – that Central Asian states have a chance to formulate and implement policies that will reduce the threat posed by the illicit drug trade to a level that does not threaten the security of their states and societies. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preface - Executive Summary – Introduction - The Current Drug Situation in Central Asia Conceptual, Legal and Organizational Aspects of Counter-narcotics Policy in the Central Asian States - Sub-regional Counter-narcotics Policy and Counter-Narcotics Cooperation in Central Asia – Conclusion - Bibliography

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