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Digital marketing influence in the food sector

Ilaria Bortolato

eBook Edition: 2016

The positive influence of digital marketing is evident in almost every business sector, but some sectors seem to have difficulties to apply its innovative tools. For example, in Italy, the fashion industry has embraced digital activities with success, but small and medium enterprises constituting the food sector are not fully exploiting them for different reasons, mainly linked to socio-cultural obstacles, but also to limited investments in the digital field. Anyway, data show that they have recently started to use them more and more with highly positive effects on their activities.

The case study of Eataly and its associated brands illustrates the fact that implementing a well-structured digital marketing strategy that uses all the available tools coherently and constantly over time can bring higher visibility and many other benefits also to small food companies at international level, regardless of their dimensions. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Abstract - Introduction - From traditional to digital marketing - Food digital marketing - A case study: Eataly - Eataly’s associated brands: digital marketing analysis - Conclusion

eBook License:
Copyright from The Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

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