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Disequilibrium Dynamics
Katsuhito Iwai
Ebook Edition: 1981

The current crisis in economics compels certain of its basic assumptions to be reexamined critically. The focus of the book is the central assumption of the orthodox theory that prices and wages are determined in perfectly competitive markets by the impersonal force of the law of demand and supply.

eBook Contents

Wicksellian Disequilibrium Dynamics (Dynamic Theory of the Monopolistically and Monopsonistically Competitive Firm, The Process of Expectation Formation, The Cumulative inflation Process and Say's Laws of Markets) - Keynesian Disequilibrium Dynamics in the Short Run (The Keynesian Principle of Effective Demand, The Keynesian Theory of Slump and the Wicksellian Theory of Crisis: A Synthesis) - Keynesian Disequilibrium Dynamics in the Long Run (A Keynesian Model of Wage Adjustment, Macroscopic Steady State and the Long-Run phillips Curve, A Model of Wage-Push Stagflation)

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