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URL :  Divination And Interpretation of Signs in The Ancient World
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Author : Amar Annus
Detail : 2010 | PDF | 3.1 Mb | 360 pages

eBook License: Public Access from The Oriental Institute the University of Chicago

The study of signs, portents observed in the physical and social worlds indicating the will of supernatural agents and the course of future events, was undoubtedly important in all ancient cultures. The first written evidence for a concept of sign, however, comes from cuneiform texts of ancient Mesopotamia.

The study of signs from gods was vitally important for ancient Mesopotamians throughout their history. The first references to diviners and divination are already found in the written sources of the third millennium b.c., which indicate several professional titles. Among the early examples of celestial divination one can point to the cylinders of King Gudea. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Theories of Divination and Signs - Hermeneutics of Sign Interpretation - History of Sign Interpretation - Response
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