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E-Business - Applications and Global Acceptance
Many authors
Published: 2012

E-Business - Applications and Global AcceptanceE-Business - Applications and Global Acceptance is a collection of well-written papers that employ empirical and theoretical/conceptual approaches to highlight insights on the global acceptance of electronic business (e-business) and other useful applications and conceptualizations in the area. As our knowledge of the e-business phenomenon continues to mature and evolve, it is pertinent that new insights and information be made available. This edited book is published against such a backdrop. In essence, this book seeks to provide value to both e-business researchers and practitioners, with information sourced from differing regions of the world. The diversity in the sources of insights is welcome and this edited book covers a wide range of interesting, topical, and timely issues dealing with the acceptance of e-business applications or systems, business processes integration and management, the extension of e-business concepts to not-for-profit (nonprofit) organizations, and the construction of a service innovation model. Without a doubt, this book will be a comprehensive reference point for knowledge seekers who want to understand emerging conceptualizations, processes, and behaviors in the e-business domain.

eBook Contents

Internet/E-Business Technologies Acceptance in Canada’s SMEs: Focus on Organizational and Environmental Factors - Facilitating the Intention to Expand E-business Payment Systems Use in Nigerian Small Firms: An Empirical Analysis - Further Development of a Secured Unified E-Payment System in Nigeria: A Critical Viewpoint - Knowledge Management with Multi-Agent System in BI Systems Integration - Web Services-Enhanced Agile Modeling and Integrating Business Processes - E-Business and Research Institutes: When Technologies, Platforms and Methods Converge to Meet Users’ Needs - A Discourse on the Construction of a Service Innovation Model: Focus on the Cultural and Creative Industry Park

eBook License: Edited by Princely Ifinedo, ISBN 978-953-51-0081-2, 136 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published February 10, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/2256

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