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ERPNext Manual
Rushabh Mehta
eBook Edition: 2012

ERPNext User GuideUser's Guide and Implementation Manual

This manual covers all the major processes in setting up and using ERPNext. The manual is written in a way that the user can manage a self-implementation of the ERP. We recommend that the manual be read first before starting implementation.
- 1. The first section covers the ERPNext setup process where the foundations and masters
are introduced.
- 2. The second section covers how to manage core operations like Sales, Purchase,
Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing and Projects using ERPNext.
- 3. The third section covers administrative processes like managing Human Resources,
Support and Maintenance and setting up a website from within ERPNext.
- 4. The next section covers using the various collaborative tools and reports that help you
co-ordinate work with your colleagues.
- 5. The final section covers customization and advanced configuration options.

ERPNext is a work in progress and we anticipate that there will be a lot of additions and
improvements to the product and the manual.
(From author)

eBook Contents

Introduction (Getting Things Done, What is ERPNext?, Why Should I use ERPNext over X,Y or Z?, Benefits over traditional accounting software: Benefits over big ERPs, Open Source, Getting Involved Users and Companies Developers) - Setting Up ERPNext (Before we start, The Champion, Implementation Steps, Your first screen, Chart of Accounts, Chart of Cost Centers, Budgeting) - Foundations (Items, Warehouses, Serial Numbers and Batches, Sales BOM: Grouping Items, Customers, Contacts and Addresses, Sales Setup, Suppliers, Setting up Taxes, Document Naming Series, Email Settings, Users, Roles and Permissions) - Managing Operations using ERPNext (Selling, Buying, Managing Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Managing Projects) - Administering the Organization Using ERPNext (Support and Maintenance, Support Ticket, Human Resource Management, Making your Website) - Using ERPNext (Productivity and Collaboration Tools, Assignment and To Do, Getting Reports) - Customizing ERPNext (Hiding Features and Modules, Adding Custom Fields, Customizing Forms, Letter Head, Print Formats) - Appendix (Data Import Tool, Document Stages, Opening Accounting and Stock Balances, Opening Accounts, Opening Stock, ERPNext Structure, Attachments and CSV Files, Glossary of Terms)

eBook Terms of Use: You are allowed to freely distribute this manual non-commercially, as long as you do not modify it.

Free online eBook - 159 pages

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