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Eat for health – Educator Guide
Australian Government
eBook Edition: 2013

The Eat for Health Program has been developed for good health and wellbeing, using the latest evidence to develop public health nutrition guidelines and educator and consumer nutrition resources. It includes practical information to help Australians and their health professionals work out the types and amounts of foods they should eat each day based on age, gender, body size, activity level and other factors, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding status. (From Author)

eBook Contents

What is the Eat for Health Program? - The nutritional rationale underpinning the Eat for Health Program - The Five Food Groups - What about other foods and drinks? - Energy and nutrient requirements - Planning for a healthy diet - What about infants and toddlers? - Achieving healthy dietary patterns - Appendix - Glossary - References

eBook License
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Free PDF eBook - 4.32 Mb - 67 Pages
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