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Economic and Energy Security: Europe
Mamuka Tsereteli
eBook Edition: 2008

The objective of this paper is to emphasize the importance of broader issues of economic security for Europe and demonstrate the potential for cooperation between Europe and the Black Sea-Caspian Region in the areas affecting economic and energy security. This region fits the new strategic view of European development, providing alternative energy and other natural resources, as well as other factors of economic security: including human capital and new market opportunities. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and others are in need of access to European markets not only to export or transit hydrocarbons, but also to promote additional economic opportunities with other resources and agribusiness products. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preface - Summary and Recommendations - Introduction - The Concept of Economic Security: Driving Ideas - Basics of Economic Security for Europe: Access Factors - Cooperation between Europe and the Black Sea-Caspian Region: The Strategic Context - Trans-Caspian and Black Sea Energy Infrastructure - European Energy Security: the Role of Ukraine - European Emergy Security: The South Caucasus Option - External Actors Affecting the Economic Security of the South Caucasus - Internal Factors Affecting the Economic Security of the South Caucasus

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