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URL :  Economics and You - Textbook
Author : Various Authors
Detail : 2018 | PDF | 8.2 Mb | 145 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons License

Understanding economics will help to make you a more successful person. Economics is a broad subject, just like any academic topic, that can be pursued from undergraduate programs at the university level, all the way to doctoral programs that require upwards of seven years of research to complete. However, our goal is to give you the most important basics of economic thinking so that you can not only earn an “A” in your high school economics class, but also learn how to be a more effective earner, saver, spender, and citizen.

Much of what economics has to teach us is based off of common-sense assumptions that any observant person could conclude. A lot of what economists do is collect and analyze data from the economy so they can come up with generalized theories and models to explain and predict human behavior. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Fundamentals of Economics - Choices in Individual Households - Choices in Business - The Business Cycle and Economic Growth - The Government Intervenes - Global Interactions and Decision Making - Personal Finance 
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