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URL :  Elements of Robotics
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Author : Mordechai Ben-Ari - Francesco Mondada
Detail : 2018 | PDF | 9.2 Mb | 311 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0International License

This book bridges the gap between playing with robots in school and studying robotics at the upper undergraduate and graduate levels to prepare for careers in industry and research. Robotic algorithms are presented formally, but using only mathematics known by high-school and first-year college students, such as calculus, matrices and probability. Concepts and algorithms are explained through detailed diagrams and calculations.

It presents an overview of different types of robots and the components used to build robots, but focuses on robotic algorithms: simple algorithms like odometry and feedback control, as well as algorithms for advanced topics like localization, mapping, image processing, machine learning and swarm robotics. These algorithms are demonstrated in simplified contexts that enable detailed computations to be performed and feasible activities to be posed. Students who study these simplified demonstrations will be well prepared for advanced study of robotics.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Robots and Their Applications – Sensors - Reactive Behavior - Finite State Machines - Robotic Motion and Odometry - Control - Local Navigation: Obstacle Avoidance – Localization – Mapping - Mapping-Based Navigation - Fuzzy Logic Control - Image Processing - Neural Networks - Machine Learning - Swarm Robotics - Kinematics of a Robotic Manipulator
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