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URL :  Encyclopedia of Home Remedies for Better Life
Author : Dr Izharul Hasan
Detail : eBook Edition: 2012

After researching 1,300's of natural cures and home remedies, spending months sifting through hundreds of reports and studies, and putting my findings to the test on real people in my natural healing clinic...I can say that the majority of natural "cures" are completely bogus. But the ones that are effective seem to work like magic! And many of them can give you almost instant relief from your symptoms.

Now, you can get access to my vault of natural cures and home remedies that you can find in your own kitchen cupboard - backed by thousands of hours of scientific research... (From Author)

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only from Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press)

Free PDF eBook - 1.82 Mb - 297 Pages
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