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URL :  Ending Extreme Poverty in Rural Areas
Author : Ana Paula de la O Campos - Chiara Villani - Benjamin Davis - Maya Takagi
Detail : 2018| PDF | 1.6 Mb | 88 pages

eBook License: Public Access from http://www.fao.org/home/en/

Sustainable Development Goal 1, ending poverty in all its forms, everywhere, is the most ambitious goal set by the 2030 Agenda. This Goal includes eradicating extreme poverty in the next 12years.

The question is: How can we achieve target 1.1 and overcome the many challenges that lie ahead?

By gaining a deeper understanding of poverty, and the characteristics of the extremely rural poor in particular, the right policies can be put in place to reach those most in need. Agriculture, food systems and the sustainable use of natural resources are key to securing the livelihoods of the millions of poor people who struggle in our world. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Understanding the extent of the challenge in rural areas - Characterizing the rural extreme poor: what challenges do they face?  -  Ending extreme poverty in rural areas: some important considerations - Key elements in countries’ strategies for ending extreme poverty – Sustaining livelihoods: how can agriculture, food systems and sustainable management of natural resources accelerate the achievement of Target 1.1 in rural areas
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