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Essentials of Economic Theory
John Bates Clark
Last eBook Edition: 2011

Four general changes are going on within the producing organization, and the resultant of them, under favorable conditions, should be an enrichment in which all classes would share. Population is increasing, capital is accumulating, technical methods are improving, and the organization of productive establishments is perfecting itself; while over against these changes in industry is an evolution in the wants of the individual consumer, whom industry has to serve. The nature, the causes, and the effects of these changes are among the subjects treated in this volume. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Wealth And Its Origin - Varieties Of Economic Goods - The Measure Of Consumers' Wealth - The Socialization Of "Industry - Production A Synthesis; Distribution An Analysis - Value And Its Relation To Different Incomes - Normal Value – Wages - The Law Of Interest – Rent - Land And Artificial Instruments - Economic Dynamics - The Limits Of An Economic Society - Effects Of Dynamic Influences Within The Limited Economic Society - Perpetual Change Of The Social Structure - Effect Of Improvements In Methods Of Production - Further Influences Which Reduce The Hardships Entailed By Dynamic Changes - Capital As Affected By Changes Of Method - The Law Of Population - The Law Of Accumulation Of Capital - Conditions Insuring Progress In Method And Organization - Influences Which Pervert The Forces Of Progress - General Economic Laws Affecting Transportation - The Foregoing Principles Applied To The Railroad Problem - Organization Of Labor - The Basis Of Wages As Fixed By Arbitration - Boycotts And The Limiting Of Products - Protection And Monopoly - Leading Facts Concerning Money - Summary Of Conclusions - Index

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