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URL :  Ethics in Family Businesses and Venture Capital Firms
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Author : Jimmy Antonsson - Niels de Groot
Detail : 2012 | PDF | 1.6 Mb | 129 pages

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Business ethics is a fragmented and well covered scientific field. This Master thesis study concerns two type of organizations, namely family businesses (FB’s) and venture capital firms (VCF’s), in relation to the ethical decision-making process, which is a relatively undiscovered field. The study is conducted in the way it sheds a light on the influences on a manager when taking decisions concerning ethical considerations.

The type of management and ownership structure, and the expectations these actors have with regard to profits, as well as situational factors such as business strategy, maturity of the company, human and financial resources and market position are shaping the environment and possibility for managers to pursue ethical behavior because they affect the decision-making process. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Scientific Methodology - Literature Review - Practical Method - Empirical Findings - Discussion & Analysis – Conclusions - Quality Criteria
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