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Honoré Beaugrand

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Published: 1891


La Chasse-galerie - The Werwolves

La Chasse-galerie (The Hunt of Gallery) also known as "The Bewitched Canoe" is a French Canadian tale of voyageurs who make a deal with the Devil, a variant of the Wild Hunt. In Quebec, the legend of the "chasse-galerie", or the bewitched canoe, is a favourite. Its most famous version was written by Honoré Beaugrand.

This particular story can be traced back to a French legend about a rich nobleman named Gallery who loved to hunt. He loved it so much that he refused to attend Sunday mass. As punishment for this sin he was condemned to forever fly through the night skies, chased by galloping horses and howling wolves, in a fashion reminiscent of the Wild Hunt.

When French settlers arrived in Canada, they swapped stories with the natives and the tale of Gallery was combined with an Indian legend about a flying canoe.

(From Wikipedia, description text under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL))

La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec Edition

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