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URL :  Financial Markets in 2020
Author : Charles S. Sanford, Jr.
Detail : 1996 | PDF | 41 Kb | 10 pages

eBook License:
Public Access from Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

At Bankers Trust, we spend a lot of time anticipating trends in the financial markets, not only those affecting short-term price movements but also those that are responsible for the long-term evolution of the system itself. Anticipating the longer term is especially compelling today considering the speed at which the financial system is changing. Even our inherent romanticism doesn’t let us forget that we are straddling the 20th and 21st centuries, a period when more than ever the future seems just around the corner.

But there’s the future and the future. For the purpose of this paper, let’s impose a stop-loss on our observations. I like the year 2020. For one thing, it is the year when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory predicts that Voyager will stop transmitting data back to Earth—a forecast that for some reason I find exciting. Twenty-seven years also is far enough away to allow trends to develop, yet near enough to be useful for long-range planning. And it doesn’t hurt to know that 20/20 stands for perfect vision. Maybe that alone will improve the odds of my being correct.

Thus this paper will focus on the period between now and the year 2020, contemplating how the financial functions will evolve over that period and how quickly change will come. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Constants and Change - The Basic Financial Functions - Technical And Market Environment In 2020 - Wealth Accounts - Particle Finance - Applying Particle Finance - The Role Of Central Banks - A Few Implications For Financial Institutions Arising From Particle Finance In 2020 - Conclusion
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