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Fine-Tuning Useful E-Commerce Practices
Multiple Authors
eBook Edition: 2008

The Internet and the Web have grown as e-commerce vehicles for reducing costs, increasing value chain efficiency, building customer relationships, trading information and ideas, strengthening brands, and generating revenues. As e-commerce grows, businesses need to be prepared to meet these changes by upgrading their business rules, practices, and systems. This article examines ten current e-commerce practices and discusses how to fine-tune these practices for increased success and usefulness. The ten e-commerce practices are: (1) evaluate and maintain customer lifetime value; (2) maximize loyalty and trust; (3) focus on improving the customer experience; (4) get personal; (5) balance online and human interaction; (6) communicate effectively; (7) maintain your website; (8) keep up with pricing, payment trends, and ROI; (9) invest in customer service; and (10) use CRM tools to bring it all together. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Abstract – Introduction - E-Commerce Basics - Current E-Commerce Practices – Summary – References - About the Authors

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