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Finish the Job: Jump-Start Afghanistan’s Economy
S. Frederick Starr - Adib Farhadi
eBook Edition: 2012

This paper begins by acknowledging the dire political and security situation facing Afghanistan as the U.S. and NATO draw down their forces there. However, it sees the key driver of change not in these spheres, important as they are, but in the economy, which could plummet with the sudden loss of orders for goods and services resulting from the military drawdown. Unless the economic crisis is addressed, the political and security situations will not improve. However, if the economy stabilizes and resumes a path of sustainable growth, levels of political and security tensions will subside. Thus, economic development in Afghanistan is not something to be pursued after political stability and security have been established; rather, it is what must be achieved in order to forge political stability and communal peace. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Finish the Job: Jump-Start Afghanistan’s Economy - Concise Listing of Phased and Prioritized Projects to Rebuild the Afghan Economy, 2012-2025 - A Handbook of Projects to Build the Afghan Economy - Authors’ Bio

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