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For the diagnosis and management of lymphoma
Australian Government
eBook Edition: 2006

These guidelines emphasise the need for appropriate biopsy techniques to allow accurate diagnosis and subtyping according to the WHO scheme. Technical advances, particularly in molecular biology, will further refine diagnosis and generate prognostic information. These advances will allow treatment to be more tailored to individuals. In all types of lymphoma staging, using appropriate radiological techniques further refines prognosis and treatment selection. Emerging data from PET scanning offer
additional promise. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preamble - Summary of guidelines and recommendations - Foreword and introduction - Epidemiology and aetiology - Classification -  Biopsy techniques and tissue handling - Immunophenotyping and prognostic markers - Molecular and cytogenetic studies techniques - Molecular and cytogenetic studies diagnostic applications - Diagnosis and reporting of lymphoproliferative disease - Approach to the patient - Surgical biopsy in lymphoma - Hodgkin lymphoma - Low-grade lymphoma - Aggressive lymphoma - High-grade lymphoma - Childhood lymphoma  - Immunodeficiency associated lymphoma - Gastric lymphoma - Primary cutaneous lymphomas - Primary cerebral lymphoma - Palliative care - Complications of treatment - Communication with the patient - Nutrition, exercise and psychotherapies - Alternative and complementary therapies - Cost effectiveness - Late breaking DEVELOPMENTS: impact of anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies on lymphoma therapy - Appendices

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