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URL :  Foreign Religious Education-Central Asian Islamic Revival
Author : David M. Abramson
Detail : eBook Edition: 2010

Analyses of Islam in Central Asia tend to be based on surveys and anecdotal evidence of religious activity and statements about belief. This evidence is often marshaled for ranking Muslim populations in terms of religiosity and political activism or ranking governments in terms of their repressive policies toward religious behavior. This paper lends greater depth to those studies by providing a grounded assessment of the consequences of Central Asians’ religious knowledge acquisition abroad. I analyze the results of interviews with current and former students, religious leaders, scholars of Islam, and government officials conducted during 2008–9. In particular, the paper examines who is going to which countries to study Islam, why, and how education acquired abroad influences returnees’ attitudes about religion and Islamic practice. It also examines the strengths and weaknesses of state policies and religious activity in each of the three countries (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan), especially concerning Islamic study abroad and the integration of this training into society.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Setting the Scene - Profiles - Country Studies - Future Directions - Appendix - Author Bio

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